"Imagine waking up in a quiet secluded apartment with fresh flowers hanging from the balcony, overlooking a cobblestone street. You simply just want to throw on a casual loose linen tee and an old pair of comfy jeans and sandals, walk out your front door to grab some freshly baked french pastries and steaming hot coffee to wake yourself up on a lazy weekend morning.

"Not so easy when you don’t live in Europe, right?

"I’m happy to say you don’t have to venture too far if you live in the Bay Area and want to recreate that European feeling in San Jose. That’s exactly what we did one morning while we were playing tourist in our new home city.

"I’ve been across the pond a couple of times (once to England and Ireland x2), but nothing in the last ten years. I can get my fix of European bistros by simply visiting La Lune Sucrée, a quaint little restaurant in downtown San Jose. This is definitely a spot where I’ll be taking out-of-town visitors to, and will be popping in here for morning treats and lattes. Yum!  It is a small café, and only has a couple of tables, with more seating outside on the walkway, so keep that in mind if you’re travelling with a larger group of people.

"Too bad I had to have manners and only order a regular amount of food. I could have easily consumed numerous plates offered at the café.

"Although I do plenty of café and restaurant reviews around the area, I don’t always rave about them and recommend you must try the place. Some of them are average run of the mill restaurants that aren’t all that special, but this place I want you to go visit if you’re ever in the city of San Jose..."

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-- Nancy of Spiffykerms


"I was in San Jose this week for work and had the pleasure of coming into your shop this morning before heading to the airport for my return home. I stayed nearby at the Sainte Claire and had done a search for gluten-free items in the area.

"I came in around 8:15am or so, and the lovely girl behind the counter (purple hair) was friendly, helpful, and very considerate of my request for a GF meal to-go. I have Celiac, and it's fairly stressful to eat out, not knowing exactly how food is being prepared and then people often do not take you very seriously... The girl that helped me this morning was wonderful. When I was asking questions about preparation, she assured me that her mom has Celiac and she understood what I needed. She even knew to bring a new tub of butter, rather than using one that had touched regular bread. I very much appreciate when people are kind, rather than getting annoyed with this special request, as I truly wish I didn't have to make the special requests... It's even better to find those who have proper training in how to avoid cross contamination in the kitchen.

"So, this note is first to say 'thank you' for offering not just one GF option but several (the subs, quiches, desserts, etc). I ordered a half GF ham & brie sub and salad to-go, with a few macaroons, and one of the maca chocolates at the register (also labeled GF). The sandwich was delicious! I can't tell you the last time I had a GF sandwich where the bread didn't completely fall apart in dry crumbles at the first bite... Let alone a sub! Secondly, I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for being kind and for providing me such a positive experience at your cute cafe.

"Thank you! These are small things, but they are greatly appreciated."

-- Monica G.


"I wanted to thank you so much for all your and Bettina's attention to detail. From the sample meeting you arranged with us on Tuesday to the actual lunch delivery on Thursday, everything was wonderful!
"I truly look forward to working with you and your staff in the near future for other office lunches. The food is delicious! And I give you an A+ for customer service. It's not every day you find that combination, but you and Bettina have nailed it! :) Thanks Mark"

-- Julia Biretta
Sequoia Wealth Advisors & Investment Management, Inc.
San Jose


(Regarding a Chocolate Hazelnut (flourless/gluten free) cake shipped to Minnesota)
I have known Chef Bettina for many years and have had the pleasure of eating her delicious desserts. But as I no longer live near her, this was the first time I had one of her cakes since the opening of La Lune Sucrée. I was so excited to receive this cake in the mail (it was a gift for my birthday from Bettina), and I did expect to be WOWed, but it was even more than that! It was definitely beyond my expectations and those of the few people I shared it with. There aren't really words to describe how good it was and so I'm just not going to try.

-- Nancy C. Marcell, MN


"I can attest to La Lune Sucree’s street cred – it’s a fabulous café and pastry shop, and very popular (for good reason)."

-- Sam Liccardo
City of San Jose Councilmember, District 3


"Please pass on a big Merci to the staff and especially to the chef. The food was amazing and we received several inquiries about where we catered from. Your coordination of the order was also apreciated. We look forward to coming in for tea and a bite soon as well as working with you on future events."

-- Anelle A. Jackson


"If you've not tried it yet - you are really missing a treat (it's just the other side of SJSU, on Paseo de San Antonio, right next to Philz). Owned by our neighbors Mark and Chef Bettina, La Lu Sucrée is a café that serves up a delicious mix of French pastries, quiche, crepes and sandwiches. Their coffee is great (no need to stand in the usually long Philz line) and they are the nicest people. If you are going to attend Cinequest, this is the perfect place for a light meal in between movies. Gordon and I (and doggie Ditto) have a lovely stroll through the campus practically every weekend (and sometimes twice!). It's a great way to start the day."

-- Lisa